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also Dag·wood  (dăg′wo͝od′)
A multilayered sandwich with a variety of fillings.

[After Dagwood Bumstead, a character who made such sandwiches in the comic strip Blondie by Murat Bernard ("Chic") Young (1901-1973).]


(Plants) another name for dogwood
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It's hard to argue that Huey really belongs next to Beetle Bailey and Dagwood.
For the Dagwood Slider: Season patties with salt and pepper to taste.
Technological man is either a specialist-savant like Sherlock Holmes or an emasculated drone like Dagwood Bumstead, according to McLuhan.
Dagwood Bumstead, the Wizard of Id, and Ziggy refused to comment.
The structure of the novel is architectural, and Fleming builds a postmodern sandwich that even Dagwood could admire.
One of the most famous American sandwiches was originated in the funny papers by Dagwood Bumstead.
The couple in Bewitched owed more to comic strip's Dagwood and Blondie than March and Lake, with Dick York (later Dick Sargent) as advertising man Darrin Stephens forever trying to stay ahead in the New York rat race.
And 10 minutes later, as Dagwood and I breeze down a thin, slick track, I feel only minimal guilt when I overhear Dan trying to reason with Ozzy.
I remembered a Blondie cartoon when Dagwood and his fly rod were pulled into the water by a whale.
For example, gold-copper porphyry occurrences (Raintree West, Raintree North, Rainmaker, and Dagwood prospects) within a low-lying, glacial till covered area known as the "Whistler Orbit" immediately northeast, east and southeast of the Whistler Deposit have been discovered and partially tested by 2008-2011 drilling of geophysical anomalies, principally aeromagnetic and induced-polarization (IP) chargeabilty highs.
Dagwood Beamish, the missing woman's fiance, fills them in:
Chapter 3 is entrees, including various creative pizzas, Taco Lasagna, Thai Dagwood Sandwich, Quinoa Potpie, and Pretzel Dogs of the Dead.