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Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus


 (dī′kŏn′, -kən)
A white radish (Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus) having a long root that is eaten as a vegetable, either raw, pickled, or cooked, in eastern Asian cuisine. Also called Chinese radish, Japanese radish.

[Japanese : dai, big (from Early Middle Chinese dajh; akin to Mandarin ) + kon, root (from Early Middle Chinese kən; also the source of Mandarin gēn).]


(Cookery) another name for mooli
[C20: Japanese, from dai big + kon root]


(ˈdaɪ kən, -kɒn)

a large, elongated, white winter radish, Raphanus sativus longipinnatus, used esp. in Japanese cooking.
[1890–95; < Japanese < Middle Chinese, = Chinese big + gēn root]
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Noun1.daikon - radish of Japan with a long hard durable root eaten raw or cooked
radish plant, radish - a cruciferous plant of the genus Raphanus having a pungent edible root
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For a sweet, crunchy treat, try daikons. These popular Asian varieties are pure white and grow up to three feet long within 50 days.
Green Luobo radishes grow similarly to daikons: large, cylindrical roots with tops that spread out several feet over the ground.
Any radishes are fine, but look for daikons because they won't bleed color and you can grow or purchase a lot of radish for a little money.
Consider sweet, rose-fleshed, green-skinned `Shinrimei' radishes, zesty Japanese daikons or even crunchy, mustard-infused radish pods.
Japanese daikons will grow 20 inches or more into friable soil.
Thin plants to stand 6 inches apart (8 inches for daikons) after two sets of true leaves appear.
Terracing can help to harvest daikons, which are brittle.
The daikon is a little-known vegetable closely related to the radish that grows to 20 inches long and three inches wide underground in two months.
For the daikon cake: In pot of hot water, place shrimp and cook ten
In saucepan, place daikon and stock and bring to a simmer.
Kaiware daikon. Store purchased sproutsin plastic package (no need to rinse).
2 cups mixed and cleaned(preceding) Japanese herbs (shiso, mitsuba, shungiku, kaiware daikon, mibuna)