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1. Of or occurring during the day.
2. Happening or done every day: the physician's daily rounds.
3. Computed or assessed for each day: a daily record.
4. Everyday: casual clothes only for daily use.
1. Every day: Exercise daily.
2. Once a day: Wind the clock daily.
n. pl. dai·lies
1. A newspaper published every day or every weekday.
2. dailies The first, unedited print of movie film usually viewed after a day's shooting; the rushes.

[Middle English dayly, from Old English dæglīc, from dæg, day; see day.]

dai′li·ness, dai′ly·ness n.


pl n
(Film) films another word for rushes
References in classic literature ?
Our own dailies infuriate the reader, pretty often; the German daily only stupefies him.
Some of the dailies move too fast, others too slowly.
Some of the less important dailies give one a tablespoonful of a continued story every day; it is strung across the bottom of the page, in the French fashion.
The dailies actually printed in Munich are all called second-class by the public.
That would be nearly a column of one of our dailies.