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1. Of or occurring during the day.
2. Happening or done every day: the physician's daily rounds.
3. Computed or assessed for each day: a daily record.
4. Everyday: casual clothes only for daily use.
1. Every day: Exercise daily.
2. Once a day: Wind the clock daily.
n. pl. dai·lies
1. A newspaper published every day or every weekday.
2. dailies The first, unedited print of movie film usually viewed after a day's shooting; the rushes.

[Middle English dayly, from Old English dæglīc, from dæg, day; see day.]

dai′li·ness, dai′ly·ness n.




the quality or nature of being daily
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Author/retreat leader Kathleen Norris will invite participants into an exploration of spirituality for the real world, taking a look at the dailiness of life, and asking where God finds us and where we find God.
It provided a complementary, weekly rhythm to the dailiness of the Pall Mall Gazette, but it was intended for its own distinct readership.
As here, on this side of my sister's chemotherapy--the fatality-cells successfully poisoned out of her breasts; her hair at last reclaiming its dominion; and her so-called sense of humor annoyingly back--the rift in dailiness seems bridged for now.
What Emma initiates and so much subsequent fiction follows in whole or in sections is the novel of dailiness.
Many of the themes in The Dailiness reprise earlier preoccupations threaded through Camp's first collection, This Business of Wisdom (2010): the autobiographical voice of the writer who looks back at herself as "a girl in the middle of my illuminations," with a determination to fling herself "into the right wounded world," and the consolations found in the final lines of a poem like "How the Sun Opens Us": "Even the darkest months make sense, / the steady flaring of empty days.
As if the altitude were also a kind of power, a lever to use on dailiness.
The former contains a dailiness that she associates with the vibrant rural America, one of the sources of her light creating the imaginative geography of her home in the writing.
Our dailiness is the reality that shattered the Bauhaus and the arts & crafts movement.
The man (not the citizen) in the apartment in the city under siege locates the human in the making of coffee--its aroma, its quality, its dailiness, its ritual, its symbolism as the initiator of the day.
In "Wintering," the speaker finds himself at the mall, which has been built over old family graves, and where a newspaper in a metal box is "the trapped wing of dailiness caked with spit.
But then again, Walker can hit a bull's-eye, piercing the surreal heart of dailiness amid devastation.
It blends with emphasis on culturally linked forms of public participation and alternative initiatives; and encourages attention to everyday, ordinary and seemingly insignificant expressions, referred to herein as dailiness of the woman's life.