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1. Of or occurring during the day.
2. Happening or done every day: the physician's daily rounds.
3. Computed or assessed for each day: a daily record.
4. Everyday: casual clothes only for daily use.
1. Every day: Exercise daily.
2. Once a day: Wind the clock daily.
n. pl. dai·lies
1. A newspaper published every day or every weekday.
2. dailies The first, unedited print of movie film usually viewed after a day's shooting; the rushes.

[Middle English dayly, from Old English dæglīc, from dæg, day; see day.]

dai′li·ness, dai′ly·ness n.




the quality or nature of being daily
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Emanating from these artifacts of dailiness, Zaqtan poses the question that best defines his poetics, captured in the epigraph to The Heroism of Things, which is included in this collection: "I'm mystified / how do I / rearrange the poem / everything's been said.
Let us rejoice that she is now liberated from the world of pain and suffering, from the dailiness of deadlines.
Unlike her, Meriel the protagonist in "What Is Remembered", wants to escape marriage and its dailiness, the imaginary being an important part of her life.
Ulrich concludes that "it is in the very dailiness, the exhaustive, repetitious dailiness, that the real power of Martha Ballard's book lies.
And, we discover innovative means to consider the dailiness of our lives as professional educators.
His usually simple narratives inflect the small data of dailiness with sensibility.
Author/retreat leader Kathleen Norris will invite participants into an exploration of spirituality for the real world, taking a look at the dailiness of life, and asking where God finds us and where we find God.
Blankschaen shakes up the dailiness of our walk through life with stories and questions that are at once pointed and profound.
LAUREN CAMP is the author of two volumes of poetry, most recently The Dailiness (Edwin E.
The former contains a dailiness that she associates with the vibrant rural America, one of the sources of her light creating the imaginative geography of her home in the writing.
Our dailiness is the reality that shattered the Bauhaus and the arts & crafts movement.