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Noun1.daily round - the usual activities in your day; "the doctor made his rounds"
habitude - habitual mode of behavior
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Then Ma'ame Pelagie rose with stately deliberation and went to saddle her horse, for she had yet to make her last daily round through the fields; and Mam'selle Pauline threaded her way slowly among the tangled grasses toward the cabin.
He was a pleasant, earnest speaker, and he interwove his discourse with stories of life in a foreign land,--of the manners, the customs, the speech, the point of view; even giving glimpses of the daily round, the common task, of his own household, the work of his devoted helpmate and their little group of children, all born under Syrian skies.
During the two months he spent at Blackstable Norah wrote to him frequently, long letters in a bold, large hand, in which with cheerful humour she described the little events of the daily round, the domestic troubles of her landlady, rich food for laughter, the comic vexations of her rehearsals--she was walking on in an important spectacle at one of the London theatres--and her odd adventures with the publishers of novelettes.
She was glad to be employed because the daily round of toil in the store made the time of waiting seem less long and uninteresting.
I have so many patients that my daily round taxes the powers of two horses.
said the Colonel, who did his daily round and ordered the men to get well with a hardness that did not cover his bitter grief.
And so you return to your daily round of toil, you go back to be ground up for profits in the world-wide mill of economic might
It was a peaceful life, but tending towards monotony, and Agravaine was soon in the frame of mind which welcomes any break in the daily round.
Rochester, or sitting like a second Danae with the golden shower falling daily round me.
Two days passed, and Sheldon felt that he could not grow any weaker and live, much less make his four daily rounds of the hospital.
As well as exploring the rugged cliffs and open beaches, Anita gets to know some of the locals, including postmaster Gill Vollum, whose daily round is made more challenging by the fact there's only one half-finished road on the island.
The national average cost of a daily round trip commute is USD12.