daily variation

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Noun1.daily variation - fluctuations that occur between one day and the next
variation, fluctuation - an instance of change; the rate or magnitude of change
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The demonstration of the capabilities of the instrument has been done on Earth in two lines: on the one hand, static measurements registering the absolute value of the field and its orientation as well as the daily variations to show the ability of the instrument to measure these features on Mars (MetNet goal), and on the other hand, mobile measurements to show the extra capability of such device for rovers (future scenarios).
These levels represent the hourly difference due to daily variations in gains levels not accounted for by day-type schedules.
DISCUSSION--The correlation between the two drift fences validates our use of the smaller drift fence as a control for the daily variation in catch-rate.
Evidence also exists for daily variation in work-to-family conflict (McEwen & Barling, 1994; Williams & Alliger, 1994), but there are no daily diary studies of WFE However, given the dynamic nature of work and family experiences, there is reason to expect daily variation in WFE We, therefore, proposed the following research question:
The best models explaining daily variation in the number of radio-collared moose observed (dependent variable) during the hunting season.
Wholesale price volatility, however, is entirely appropriate given the large daily variation in producer costs.
27, and reduced the upper limit of daily variation to 61.
Consequently we collected random samples of females and used data on the percentage of females spawning and their clutch sizes to estimate daily variation in population egg production.
The most complex design strategy involved producing daily variation in workload.
Daily variation of lipids and hormones in the sera of healthy individuals Clin.
These changes include a multi-trillion dollar collateral shortfall with mandatory initial margin levels for cleared and un-cleared swaps, as well as daily variation margin calls.