daily variation

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Noun1.daily variation - fluctuations that occur between one day and the next
variation, fluctuation - an instance of change; the rate or magnitude of change
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Caption: Figure 7: Daily variations of PV temperature with CuO/water, [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]/water, and water.
In this context, we will develop in the second section a new approach to better exploit the option prices information content through the elimination of bias caused by the daily variation of maturities.
DISCUSSION--The correlation between the two drift fences validates our use of the smaller drift fence as a control for the daily variation in catch-rate.
As we know, continuous brightness temperature data includes basic earth temperature field (direct circulating part), annual variation temperature field, daily variation temperature field, temperature changes caused by the rain clouds, cold-heat air currents, and other factors (including earthquakes).
Seasonal and daily variation in attendance was attributable to differences in the numbers of failed breeders or non-breeding birds.
There was little daily variation or weekday / weekend variation.
Literature was searched in (a) the Medline database, using the key words chronobiology OR biological variation OR biological variability OR physiological variation OR physiological variability OR intraindividual variation OR intraindividual variability OR daily variation OR daily variability OR circadian rhythm OR diurnal rhythm AND prostate-specific antigen; (b) local literature databases at the involved institutions; and (c) recent reviews (4-6).
The use of a diary method in this study has enabled Butler and colleagues to show that there is substantial daily variation in the amount of work-family conflict and facilitation experienced by non-professional workers with dependent children.
These methods take into consideration daily variation because the mean and SD used by the methods are based on a week's information.
To adjust for the daily variation in the number of radio-collared moose within hunting areas, we used the logarithm of all radio-collared moose within hunting areas as an offset variable; i.e., the exponent of the parameter (M) equal to 1 (see equation 1).
(See Table 2.) However, the daily variation per CR reader did not exceed [+ or -] 20% of the calculated mean.