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or dai·mi·o  (dī′mē-ō′, dīm′yō′)
n. pl. daimyo or dai·my·os also daimio or dai·mi·os
A feudal lord of Japan who was a large landowner.

[Japanese daimyō : dai, great, big; see daikon + myō, name (from Early Middle Chinese mjiajng; akin to Tibetan ming, name and Burmese mañ, to be named).]
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Environmental factors controlling seasonal morph determination in the small copper butterfly, Lycaena phlaea daimio Seitz.
Non-naturalized are: daimio, dairi, inro, itzebu, kago, k'ai shu, kanji, kirin, kobang, Rinzai, sennin, seppuku, shaku, shakudo, shippo, soroban, soshi.
As the generic titles such as Young Lady or Daimio suggest, these works do not so much present individual personalities as representative examples of their social demography (plate 1, 2).