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 (dăk′ə-rē, dī′kə-)
n. pl. daiq·ui·ris
An iced cocktail of rum, lime or lemon juice, and sugar.

[After Daiquirí, a village of eastern Cuba.]


(ˈdaɪkɪrɪ; ˈdæk-) or


n, pl -ris
(Cookery) an iced drink containing rum, lime juice, and syrup or sugar
[C20: named after Daiquiri, rum-producing town in Cuba]


(ˈdaɪ kə ri, ˈdæk ə-)

n., pl. -ris.
a cocktail of rum, lemon or lime juice, and sugar.
[1915–20; after Daiquirí, town in Cuba]
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Noun1.daiquiri - a cocktail made with rum and lime or lemon juicedaiquiri - a cocktail made with rum and lime or lemon juice
rum - liquor distilled from fermented molasses
cocktail - a short mixed drink
strawberry daiquiri - daiquiri with crushed strawberries
NADA daiquiri - a daiquiri made without alcohol


[ˈdaɪkɪrɪ] Ndaiquiri m, daiquirí m


[ˈdækəri ˈdaɪkəri] n (= drink) → daïquiri m
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Members of the media were treated to a fantastic set of drinks: first served was Senorita Daiquiri-Pola's version of the world's famous banana daiquiri, which is a blend of Bacardi rum and banana infused with Asian ginger.
Which spirit is traditionally used to make a Daiquiri cocktail?
Other spots in The Village that have played a supporting role include Daiquiri Deck (its ever-running daiquiri machines turn out hundreds of slushy, boozy concoctions on a busy night) and Gilligan's, a casual hotspot with indoor and outdoor seating.
com/recipes/food/views/avocado-daiquiri-235568) Avocado Daiquiri
A sure sign that the interest in classic cocktails continues, The Daiquiri has appeared on the 2015 list of top-10 most popular mixed drinks.
The Stratford theatre's menu will feature three non-alcoholic drinks called the Tinkertini, Dastardly Daiquiri and Neverland Sunrise during the run of Wendy & Peter Pan.
com)-- Author Rayme Michaels is pleased to announce the promotion of his urban comedy drama, "Screw the Devil's Daiquiri.
Guests will also get a free Wine & Dine Pass per room worth $150, which includes two margaritas at Mesa Grill, one sushi and sake sampler at Nobu, one flat bread and two glasses of wine at Olives, two daiquiris at the Daiquiri Shack and two beers and a plate of "Trash Riblets" at Virgils.
One of these famous cocktails is, of course, the Daiquiri, taking its name from a town on the outskirts of Santiago de Cuba, where it was created.
The light flavors include 100-calorie versions of Classic Lime and Strawberry Daiquiri as well as Mango Daiquiri.
Summary: A bar in Cuba creates a 270-litre daiquiri to mark Ernest Hemingway's 113th birthday
For instance, the Mojito Mix, which contains just water, limes, lemons, sugar, and mint extract, can top white rum for the classic serving or vodka for a Mint Martini bourbon for a Julep, or gin for a Lime Collins, The perfect Strawberry Daiquiri can be had with the addition of a little rum or use vodka or tequila for a Strawberry Martini or Margarita.