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 (dăk′ə-rē, dī′kə-)
n. pl. daiq·ui·ris
An iced cocktail of rum, lime or lemon juice, and sugar.

[After Daiquirí, a village of eastern Cuba.]


(ˈdaɪkɪrɪ; ˈdæk-) or


n, pl -ris
(Cookery) an iced drink containing rum, lime juice, and syrup or sugar
[C20: named after Daiquiri, rum-producing town in Cuba]


(ˈdaɪ kə ri, ˈdæk ə-)

n., pl. -ris.
a cocktail of rum, lemon or lime juice, and sugar.
[1915–20; after Daiquirí, town in Cuba]
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Noun1.daiquiri - a cocktail made with rum and lime or lemon juicedaiquiri - a cocktail made with rum and lime or lemon juice
rum - liquor distilled from fermented molasses
cocktail - a short mixed drink
strawberry daiquiri - daiquiri with crushed strawberries
NADA daiquiri - a daiquiri made without alcohol


[ˈdaɪkɪrɪ] Ndaiquiri m, daiquirí m


[ˈdækəri ˈdaɪkəri] n (= drink) → daïquiri m
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Guests will also get a free Wine & Dine Pass per room worth $150, which includes two margaritas at Mesa Grill, one sushi and sake sampler at Nobu, one flat bread and two glasses of wine at Olives, two daiquiris at the Daiquiri Shack and two beers and a plate of "Trash Riblets" at Virgils.
daily with two-for-one daiquiris and well drinks, as well as $1.
com)-- “A New Orleans credo: When life gives you lemons--make daiquiris.
The versatile Sour Mix, containing water, limes, lemon, and sugar, can be used with a variety of liquors to make daiquiris, margaritas, etc.
C-Store business with beer, wine and daiquiris located across from the beach in a very high traffic area.
Since his first visit, Nick, 19, who lives in Cathays, has been a regular at the family-run restaurant after falling in love with its lively atmosphere saying: "I go to Daiquiris all the time, for all occasions.
The investigators presented their findings at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology in Boston, where anecdotal reports noted a spike in requests for virgin daiquiris at the opening reception.
For example, Island Oasis Wild Berry is used in non-alcohol drinks like lemonade and iced teas as well as in Margaritas and Daiquiris, she says.
Strawberry or banana daiquiris are gorgeous, but experiment with exotic fruit such as kiwi and grapefruit, or add raspberry liqueur.
Allied Dome recently introduced Malibu Passion Fruit Caribbean Rum, which is great in cocktails like martinis, mojitos, pina coladas, daiquiris and more.
Of course, you could just record the show while you're out and about--but the one thing TiVo can't do is whip up the resort's Desperation Daiquiris and Wisteria Martinis