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Noun1.dairy cow - cattle that are reared for their milkdairy cow - cattle that are reared for their milk
Bos taurus, cattle, cows, kine, oxen - domesticated bovine animals as a group regardless of sex or age; "so many head of cattle"; "wait till the cows come home"; "seven thin and ill-favored kine"- Bible; "a team of oxen"
Ayrshire - hardy breed of dairy cattle from Ayr, Scotland
Brown Swiss - large hardy brown breed of dairy cattle from Switzerland
Jersey - a breed of diary cattle developed on the island of Jersey
milking shorthorn - breed evolved from shorthorn beef cattle
Friesian, Holstein, Holstein-Friesian - a breed of dairy cattle from northern Holland
Guernsey - breed of dairy cattle from the island of Guernsey
بَقَرَةُ حَليب
tejelõ tehén
süt ineği


(ˈdeəri) plural ˈdairies noun
1. a shop supplying milk, butter, cheese etc. We bought milk at the dairy.
2. the place on a farm etc where milk is kept and butter and cheese are made.
dairy cowplural dairy cows/cattle
– a cow kept for its milk.
dairy farm
a farm specializing in producing milk and milk products.
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She has now remained with one dairy cow and does not intend to keep more until after the dry season.
Transition period of the dairy cow is important for milk production and dairy cow health (Keady et al.
Invited review: The impact of automatic milking systems on dairy cow management, behavior, health, and welfare.
Organization process, competent selection of equipment, working with feeds allow farms receive 26 liters of milk per dairy cow per day compared to 16.
It cannot be separated from cooperative role that provides development and service to the dairy cow breeder as backbone of the dairy development [1]
Mr Hough, a former ADAS dairy consultant, will give a presentation entitled "Cow signals: nutrition of dairy cows and all things related to the comfort of the dairy cow".
Prairieland is a 1,300 head Holstein dairy cow operation that produces its own milk, ice cream and a growing compost business.
With all the hype surrounding food safety and the hassles associated with obtaining unadulterated dairy products, it might be time to take matters into your own hands with a little help from a dairy cow.
We exploit the dairy cow to the full getting as much milk and calves from one cow as possible.
The average cows' milk yield increased by 20 percent within 10 years from 5,585 kilograms (12,310 pounds) in 2001 to about 6,692 kilograms (14,750 pounds) per dairy cow in 2011.
It was about 6A 692 kg per dairy cow in 2011 (5A 585 kg in 2001); the range extended from more than 8A 000 kg per cow in Denmark, Spain, Finland and Sweden to less than 4A 000 kg per cow in Romania and Bulgaria, where the yield was affected by a combination of slower development and smaller herd size.