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In this way our dairy produce came, in time, to command higher prices in the market than that sent by other communes.
America is a key market for a range of our products and an important growth market for dairy produce in particular.
From fresh dairy produce and baked goods, to meat, fru it and vegetables - Aldi have more than 300 Scottish products to choose from, at a price to suit every budget.
Now, the influential WI is warning that threats to the industry are not just a problem for the farming community, but for everyone who uses dairy produce.
She took it and found she was intolerant to dairy produce, beef and egg white.
This investment is a key part in the IDB's strategy to grow routes to market and added value for Irish dairy produce in the run up to the abolition of milk quotas in 2015.
Wiltshire-based Coombe Castle International, the specialist producer and exporter of high quality British and Irish dairy produce, has been given a Queen's Award for International Trade--the company's third since 2001.
2 million tonnes of dairy produce valued at AED 14 billion (US $3.
In general, consumers rated dairy produce amongst the most recognisable and attractive food and drink products Wales has to offer.
2bn more dairy produce than it exports, meaning there is huge potential for growth at home and abroad.
The initiative was spearheaded by New Zealand dairy produce company Anchor and aims to educate children on the importance of daily nutrition.
Where possible, all of our meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy produce and bread is locally-sourced and we use small, artisan producers who are as passionate as we are about keeping food traditions alive.

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