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1. A woman who owns or manages a dairy.
2. A woman who works in a dairy.


(ˈdɛər iˌwʊm ən)

n., pl. -wom•en.
a woman who owns, manages, or works in a dairy.
usage: See -woman.
References in classic literature ?
Grose, since then, in the way of manners and things, had done as she could for Flora; and there were, further, a cook, a housemaid, a dairywoman, an old pony, an old groom, and an old gardener, all likewise thoroughly respectable.
Self-sacrificing as her mood might be Tess could not well go further and cry, "Marry one of them, if you really do want a dairywoman and not a lady; and don't think of marrying me
His chance came when he bought a milk round, complete with horse and cart, from dairywoman Mrs Charles Tipling, who operated from the California area of Eston.