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1. Destruction or a loss in value, usefulness, or ability resulting from an action or event.
2. damages Law Money required to be paid as compensation for an injury or wrong.
3. Informal Cost; price: What's the damage for the tickets to the show?
v. dam·aged, dam·ag·ing, dam·ag·es
To cause damage to.
To suffer or be susceptible to damage.

[Middle English, from Old French : dam, loss (from Latin damnum) + -age, -age.]

dam′age·a·bil′i·ty n.
dam′age·a·ble adj.
dam′ag·ing·ly adv.
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Adj.1.damaged - harmed or injured or spoiled; "I won't buy damaged goods"; "the storm left a wake of badly damaged buildings"
blemished - marred by imperfections
broken - physically and forcibly separated into pieces or cracked or split; "a broken mirror"; "a broken tooth"; "a broken leg"; "his neck is broken"
destroyed - spoiled or ruined or demolished; "war left many cities destroyed"; "Alzheimer's is responsible for her destroyed mind"
impaired - diminished in strength, quality, or utility; "impaired eyesight"
injured - harmed; "injured soldiers"; "injured feelings"
undamaged - not harmed or spoiled; sound
2.damaged - being unjustly brought into disrepute; "a discredited politician"; "her damaged reputation"
disreputable - lacking respectability in character or behavior or appearance
bozukhasar görmüş


adjbeschädigt, schadhaft (geh); (= broken)defekt


(ˈdӕmidʒ) noun
1. injury or hurt, especially to a thing. The storm did/caused a lot of damage; She suffered brain-damage as a result of the accident.
2. (in plural) payment for loss or injury suffered. The court awarded him $5,000 damages.
to make less effective or less usable etc; to spoil. The bomb damaged several buildings; The book was damaged in the post.
ˈdamaged adjective
(negative undamaged). a damaged table.
References in classic literature ?
She did not mention this meeting at home (though she discovered that, thanks to the upset, her new dress was much damaged by the rivulets of dressing that meandered down the skirt), but went through with the preparations which now seemed more irksome than before, and at twelve o'clock all was ready again.
My friend, said I, what all this gibberish of yours is about, I don't know, and I don't much care; for it seems to me that you must be a little damaged in the head.
All the year round they had been serving as cogs in the great packing machine; and now was the time for the renovating of it, and the replacing of damaged parts.
It was late at night, and Tom lay groaning and bleeding alone, in an old forsaken room of the gin-house, among pieces of broken machinery, piles of damaged cotton, and other rubbish which had there accumulated.
And harder to get over, too, in a country where there were really no doctors that were worth a damaged nickel.
Near an old cathedral, under a shed, were three crosses of stone--moldy and damaged things, bearing life-size stone figures.
She resolved to let him get whipped on the damaged spelling-book's account, and to hate him forever, into the bargain.
The damaged garment was removed and partially immersed in turpentine, while Rebecca graced the festal board clad in a blue calico wrapper of Mrs.
The chairs were also damaged, many of them severely; and deep indentations deformed the panels of the walls.
It had taken a deal of extra wet-towelling to pull him through the night; a correspondingly extra quantity of wine had preceded the towelling; and he was in a very damaged condition, as he now pulled his turban off and threw it into the basin in which he had steeped it at intervals for the last six hours.
Joining their horny hands over the rough table at which they sat, they wished each other Merry Christmas in their can of grog; and one of them: the elder, too, with his face all damaged and scarred with hard weather, as the figure-head of an old ship might be: struck up a sturdy song that was like a Gale in itself.
Our appearance in a shop was a signal for the damaged goods to be brought out immediately.