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also dam·oi·selle or dam·o·zel  (dăm′ə-zĕl′)
n. Archaic
A young woman; a damsel.

[Middle English damoisele, from Old French damoiselle, damsel; see damsel.]


(ˌdæməˈzɛl) ,




archaic variants of damsel
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Noun1.damoiselle - a young unmarried womandamoiselle - a young unmarried woman    
maiden, maid - an unmarried girl (especially a virgin)
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One can only see one eye," observed Damoiselle Guillemette; "there is a wart on the other.
029 2087 8444 HOT MUSIC City of Cardiff Symphony Orchestra The programme for the concert is: Faure: Dolly Suite, Debussy: La Damoiselle Elue and Berlioz: Symphonie Fantasique.
Examples include The City Wit (1630) where Sneakups responds to a beating by his wife with 'Oh, oh, oh'; (21) The Damoiselle (1638) where a drunken Magdalen weeps 'in her Mawdlin fit' twice with three ohs (1.
Rossetti, eleve de Madox Brown--a peine son ame de deux ou trois annees--, avait deja compose quelques-uns de ses poemes, entre autres sa Damoiselle elue, qui devait rester un de ses sujets preferes" (Giacomo Leopardi, 499).
From Les fleurs da mal, Debussy selected five poems, and worked on their settings for some two years, from 1887 to 1889, at the same time that he was working on his mystical and even pagan oratorio La damoiselle elue, on a text by the PreRaphaelite poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
His work in the middle period of his life was influenced by the work of the German composer Richard Wagner which is highlighted in his La damoiselle elue and the 1889 piece Cinq poemes de Charles Baudelaire.
Foals Gestt Wittekindshof offers the only Galileo foal in the sale, a son of German champion juvenile Nordtanzerin (165), while Haras de Saint Pair sells a Raven's Pass filly out of Prix Eclipse winner Damoiselle (58).
Anne of Austria's maids of honour included Catherine de Monchy (Mouchy), damoiselle d'Ocquincourt (Hauquincourt), who served her from 1618 to 1624, when she married a marechal de France.
His work La Damoiselle elue is a cantata based on the poem The Blessed Damozel by Dante Gabrielle Rossetti.
The 13-strong line-up is completed by Daaly Babet, Damoiselle, Mauralakana and Tie Black.
In an effort to characterize the particular "erotic tinge" that simultaneously situates and isolates all Debussy's work within the context fn-de-siecle sexuality (119), Julie McQuinn's meditation on "Exploring the Erotic in Debussy's Music" picks out several compositions (among them La Damoiselle elue, Syrinx, and Les Chansons de Bilitis) that amplify their disruption of musical syntax in order to produce an "eroticism of uncertainty" (122).
In the Epistre d'une damoiselle francoise a une sienne amie dame estrangere, a lady-in-waiting of Eleonore de Roye writes of the exemplary death of the twenty-eight-year-old Eleonore, including vivid physical details of her last moments.