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"Do not, I beg of you, dampen today's sun with the showers of tomorrow.
I wish you'd do so too, and come and study with uncle, it would do you good, I'm sure," and Rose went back to counting vertebr‘ with such a happy face, that Aunt Myra had not the heart to say a word to dampen her ardour.
Freshen the priming of your pistols--the midst of the falls is apt to dampen the brimstone--and stand firm for a close struggle, while I fire on their rush."
Bent on inspiring him with enthusiasm equal to her own, she declined to dampen what sparks he had caught by anything so uncheerful as a cold meal.
A thick coating of dust, slightly dampened by the mist, covered the floor of the bridge, but the only footprints were those of Mr.
The warriors returned across the river, the captain and his comrades proceeded on their journey; but the spirits of the communicative old chief, Yo-mus-ro-y-e-cut, were for a time completely dampened, and he evinced great mortification at what had just occurred.
We took a walk, but my spirits were very, very sadly dampened. I did not feel right comfortable for some time afterward.
This fog seemed even destitute of humidity, and the articles brought in contact with it were scarcely dampened in the slightest degree.
I did not wish Maud's spirits to be dampened by such a find, so I turned seaward again with our boat and skirted the north-eastern point of the island.
They hastened to their lodges, but on arriving at them met with a check that at first dampened their cheerfulness.
Contact with the earth had somewhat dampened the powder, but the startled functionary saw himself pursued by a tall moving pillar of fire and smoke and fierce evolution.
But to live,--to wear on, day after day, of mean, bitter, low, harassing servitude, every nerve dampened and depressed, every power of feeling gradually smothered,--this long and wasting heart-martyrdom, this slow, daily bleeding away of the inward life, drop by drop, hour after hour,--this is the true searching test of what there may be in man or woman.