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v. damp·ened, damp·en·ing, damp·ens
1. To make damp.
2. To deaden, restrain, or depress: "trade moves ... aimed at dampening protectionist pressures in Congress" (Christian Science Monitor).
3. To soundproof.
To become damp.

damp′en·er n.
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Noun1.dampener - a device that dampens or moistens somethingdampener - a device that dampens or moistens something; "he used a dampener to moisten the shirts before he ironed them"
device - an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose; "the device is small enough to wear on your wrist"; "a device intended to conserve water"


[ˈdæmpnər] n
to put a dampener on sth [+ day, evening] → gâcher qch
to put a dampener on things → tout gâcher
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Even the overzealous security staff only put a slight dampener on a great night.
Meanwhile, the Nationwide Building Society says April showers put a dampener on house prices this month.
It certainly put a bit of a dampener on the evening.
If the weather forecast is to be believed, however, things could be a little more muted today, with rain putting a big dampener on any potential celebrations.
AS volunteers, we would like to thank the mindless persons who have broken into Netherton Park community centre and who have put a dampener on Christmas activities for many of our groups in the Park Lane and surrounding areas.
He covered Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart and then, as a dampener, aped singer Ian Curtis's hanging suicide at Manchester's Life Cafe on Tuesday.
The draw put a dampener on the fireworks celebration which were put on in Kiev last night to celebrate the country's first qualification for the finals
DARRYLL HOLLAND produced one of the rides of the meeting aboard Legal Approach in the Singapore Turf Club Conditions Stakes and in doing so helped put a further dampener on Frankie Dettori's weekend.
While not wishing to put a dampener on kids making a bit of money in the run-up to Christmas, may I make a plea to parents of young children to ensure they go carol singing in groups.
Made to dampen today's fastest bows, the Doinker Supreme is a highly effective vibration and sound dampener constructed of Doinker's patented ITP (Interrupted Transfer Polymer) material.
Kell suffered the break in a tackle which led to the 52nd-minute dismissal of Rovers' Craig Disley, which put a dampener on Scunny's stroll.
Not even a 2-1 defeat by Dunfermline could put a dampener on things for the Celtic fans, who partied throughout the night.