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v. damp·ened, damp·en·ing, damp·ens
1. To make damp.
2. To deaden, restrain, or depress: "trade moves ... aimed at dampening protectionist pressures in Congress" (Christian Science Monitor).
3. To soundproof.
To become damp.

damp′en·er n.
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Noun1.dampening - the act of making something slightly wetdampening - the act of making something slightly wet
basting - moistening a roast as it is cooking
wetting - the act of making something wet
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Jane Clayton could not know how much of Mohammed Beyd's indictment might be true, or how much false; but at least it had the effect of dampening her hopes and causing her to review with suspicion every past act of the man upon whom she had been looking as her sole protector in the midst of a world of enemies and dangers.
Isleworth, United Kingdom, July 27, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Soft-close and lift-off facilities with the new PINET dampening hinges from FDB Panel Fittings enable easy equipment installation and access in workshop, office or domestic environments.
In a statement, the bank said, 'A substantial dampening of economic growth would lead to higher loan impairment charges and consequently lower earnings in the banks in the future.'
"To counter second-round impacts from supply-side inflation, the BSP has been forced to tighten monetary policy this year, potentially dampening the domestic demand growth outlook next year," SandP said.
Dampening in earnings came primarily on account of lower non-funded income attributable to a 36.7pc downturn in 'other income' which is most likely due to lower capital gains booked by banks during the quarter under review.
'Security concerns may have also placed a drag on travel and consumption, dampening second-quarter GDP (gross domestic product) growth,' Deutsche Bank added, referring to the armed conflict between government forces and ISIS supporters in Marawi City, which led to the declaration of martial law in Mindanao in May.
White Horse Plastics, an injection moulding firm in Oxfordshire, has developed a vibration dampening technology for record decks.
Summary: Having narrowed sharply since 2013, TurkeyEaAoEeACEeAOs current account deficit has slightly widened in the third quarter of 2016, as geopolitical conflict, rising incidence of terrorist attacks within Turkish borders, and failed coup attempt have weighed on the external sector, dampening the gradual improving trend in external imbalances over the previous couple of years.
A noise dampening insert (9) or a noise dampening insert arrangement disposed therein is provided in the tire cavity.
A spokesman said the fire, which involved a large quantity of rubbish, was under control yesterday "with the dampening down operation expected to continue for 24 hours".
As I said earlier, most bowhunters use stabilizers designed more for vibration dampening than for stabilization.