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Firefighters are currently damping down the fire using two hose reel jets and turning over the muck to extinguish the fire."
The Zoo will be closed for the day and fire crews will remain on site for some time damping down.
Damping down continued into yesterday morning with a full investigation into the exact cause of the fire underway.
Fire crews spent yesterday damping down at the scene of the blaze, which gutted around 80% of the 86,000 sq ft building on the Unit 41 industrial estate near Wakefield.
Four fire crews were called to the scene at 11.52am and carried out damping down work on the compost heaps after extinguishing the blaze.
It took about four hours to bring the blaze under control and then firefighters spent the day damping down. Structural engineers were also checking the building to see what parts can be saved and what has to be demolished.
We are going to be there thought the night, damping down.
A fire service spokesman said firefighters were still on the scene damping down the vessel last night.
He said: "I was on the phone to shopfitters as the firemen were damping down the blaze.
Firefighters wore breathing apparatus to put out the blaze in about an hour, and the last appliance was able to leave the scene at 1.07am yesterday after damping down operations.
Before work resumed the company produced a plan for safe removal of materials by damping down the waste before it was taken off the site.