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a fungal disease of seedlings that causes rotting of the stem at soil level and collapse of the plant.
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Among those pathogenic diseases damping off is one of the most significant disease that causes about 70% of plant death as pre or post emergence damping off.Damping-off is one of the most common agricultural disease in the glasshouse or nursery which affects sprouting seeds and young seedlings (Hulveyet al., 2010).In pre-emergence damping-off, the seeds wilt or deteriorate which result in a thin and sporadic germination.
Additionally, the LEDs can help to improve the overall farming environment by enabling growers to observe plant conditions more easily and spot diseases, like damping-off, at an earlier stage under bright white lighting.
The production may be affected by pathogen attack, and among them we can mention the fungus Rhizoctonia solani causal agent of damping-off or root rot of watermelon (Mirmajlessi et al., 2012).
After the incubation period, data were recorded regarding the seed germination, the pre-emergence damping-off and the seedling survival.
Then there's the dreaded damping-off fungus, killing entire flats of seedlings.
An effective, simple and nontoxic way to keep seedlings free of damping-off disease is to use chamomile tea.
Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn causes serious damping-off disease in numerous crops in Taiwan; in particular, it is a major problem for the commercial production of vegetable seedlings grown in cell-plug systems [1,2].
ultimum, which causes damping-off diseases that decay the seed or seedlings of vegetable, horticultural, and cucurbit crops.
After pricking out, water the seedlings with a Cheshunt compound to help prevent damping-off disease.
It's a fungicide used to halt damping-off disease, a fungal infection that makes seedlings collapse.