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adj. damp·er, damp·est
1. Slightly wet: a damp sponge.
2. Humid: damp air.
3. Archaic Dejected; depressed.
a. Moisture in the air; humidity: Come in out of the damp.
b. Moisture that lies or has condensed on something: "I saw the damp lying on the bare hedges and spare grass" (Charles Dickens).
2. Foul or poisonous gas that sometimes pollutes the air in coal mines.
3. Archaic
a. Lowness of spirits; depression: "An angry or sorrowful [countenance] throws a sudden damp upon me" (David Hume).
b. A restraint or check; a discouragement: "The issue of arms was so slow as to throw a great damp upon volunteering" (James Franck Bright).
tr.v. damped, damp·ing, damps
1. To make damp or moist; moisten.
2. To suppress or extinguish (a fire) by reducing or cutting off air.
3. To restrain or check; discourage: news that damped our enthusiasm.
4. Music To slow or stop the vibrations of (the strings of a keyboard instrument) with a damper.
5. Physics To decrease the amplitude of (an oscillating system).
Phrasal Verb:
damp off Botany
To be affected by damping off.

[Middle English, poison gas, perhaps from Middle Dutch, vapor.]

damp′ish adj.
damp′ly adv.
damp′ness n.
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Adv.1.damply - in a damp mannerdamply - in a damp manner; "a scarf was tied round her head but the rebellious curl had escaped and hung damply over her left eye"
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[ˈdæmplɪ] ADV
1. (= wetly) his T-shirt clung damply to himla camiseta mojada se le ceñía al cuerpo
her hair clung damply to her cheeksel pelo mojado se le pegaba a las mejillas
2. (fig) (= unenthusiastically) → sin ganas, sin (mucho) entusiasmo
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Hereby the casks are sought to be kept damply tight; while by the changed character of the withdrawn water, the mariners readily detect any serious leakage in the precious cargo.
Haul up your ship upon the land and pack it closely with stones all round to keep off the power of the winds which blow damply, and draw out the bilge-plug so that the rain of heaven may not rot it.
He looked at us over her bowed head, with eyes that blinked damply above his quivering nostrils.
He dropped the bar into the holders, breathing damply. I stood there looking relevant.
'And quite damply, the report cladded in falsehood, only intimated of an alleged mismanagement of the funds.
What the virginal Juliet hopes will be a romantic outing with her colleague, Perry, turns into a damply deflating debacle worthy of Wodehouse.
In reality, I spent a good minute scrabbling around for the back door key, then, finally, armed with a 99p plant sprayer containing an inch of tepid water, went out and ejected the feeblest of streams, which landed damply, a good three metres from his departing rump.