dance lesson

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lesson - a unit of instruction; "he took driving lessons"
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The complimentary event will include a beginning dance lesson, wine and hors doeuvres, unique student and professional demonstrations, and social dancing.
Usher in turn auctioned off a private dance lesson during the charity gala.
Douglas Lavis met his wife Ruth at a dance lesson 60 years ago and wanted to organise an event as a tribute to her because she so enjoyed dancing.
Winning schools will become part of the Bone Factor tour, winning an action packed day and a dance lesson from Craig.
Shawn Trautman's dance routines are extensive and comprise some 25 titles of dance lesson DVDs, so the release of his latest ballroom dancing video DANCE LESSONS 101 is a fine opening to any who would learn to dance at home, but who shy away from ballroom dances.
You'll also enjoy a dance lesson with their choreographer.
Superdrug customers will also receive a free dance lesson at the dance school of their choice.
The Arts Council money will also be used to set up a choreography workshop for teachers and develop dance lesson plans to cover areas like suitable music, poems and pictures.
Korevaar isn't just taking a routine dance lesson on this late summer evening.
Tickets: pounds 5-pounds 7 FREE DANCE LESSON Cardiff Coal Exchange, Cardiff Bay Tel: 07765 884246 That's right, no strings attached.
Assorted club DJs will work the music, the night starts with a dance lesson, and dancers who come in disco dress could win prizes for best costume.
BOOGIE: Pupils from St Patrick's primary take a dance lesson from Bisakha Sarker to celebrate multi-cultural week