dance master

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: master - a professional teacher of dancing
dancer, professional dancer, terpsichorean - a performer who dances professionally
instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
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Ahmed was signed to choreograph both Roshan's "Bang Bang" and Salman Khan's upcoming "Kick," but the dance master settled for latter's film.
The panel of judges comprised noted singer and music director Parthasarathy, dance master Raghu, dancer and choreographer Praveena and actress Indraja.
Disappointed with the amount of inaccurate information he found in histories of contemporary urban street dance, inaccuracies he recognized in no small part due to his own life as an urban street dancer, Guzman-Sanchez (founder, International Urban Dance Master Association) developed a methodology for validating information from oral histories that takes into account birth dates, school attendance dates, personal recollection, and physical evidence in order to validate the correct sequence of events in the development of urban street dance.
The tutors included five world-class choreographers from the United States - Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos, Tony Czar, Tucker Barkley and a dance master known simply as Jian.
In addition to the makeovers, Jordan and Perri have kindly invited both primary schools to London for a dance master class later this year.
Also lifting a runners-up trophy was Ben Holloway, 18, who came second at the Dance Master 2015 UK finals, held at the same venue on the same date.
Stephen Garrity secured the title in the Dance Master UK competition in Blackpool.
This time the artist in question is none other than dance master David Guetta.
RIO Samuels, aged 19 who trains at Dolphin Dance Studios in Liverpool has just won Dance Master UK 2011 which is considered a very prestigious title.
The Wedding Workshop First Dance Master Class aims to teach brides and grooms handy hints and tips to create basic steps for their special day.
It was also a pleasure to see Michael O'Hare, now dance master, back in his clogs in the role he created - Will Mossop - in Bintley's Hobson's Choice.
Fresh from supporting Lily Allen (she liked Vile, his answer record to Smile) and dates with fellow dance master Calvin Harris, Example, better known as Elliot John Gleave, is a man with ambitions.