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Suitable for dancing: a danceable melody.

dance′a·bil′i·ty n.
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Adj.1.danceable - suitable for dancing
rhythmic, rhythmical - recurring with measured regularity; "the rhythmic chiming of church bells"- John Galsworthy; "rhythmical prose"
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Fairlie's invalid condition) we produced no such convenience in the house as a flirtable, danceable, small-talkable creature of the male sex; and the consequence was, we did nothing but quarrel, especially at dinner-time.
Set apart by genuine talent, they are simply a great band, playing some of the most well-crafted and unnervingly danceable rock around.
Moby's new release, Play (V2), raises brows too, offering not only synthy instrumentals and danceable rock but also hip-hop numbers with samples from early-20th-century blues vocal recordings.
Cathartic and danceable, songs such as "Throat Full of Glass" are highly addictive.
It's much more melodic than Uh Oh (and more in tune), with a very rhythmic danceable beat.
Once they'd got into their stride, after signing to Island, the band hooked up with producer Dennis Bovell and shaped their primitive chops into a punk dub hybrid that was as revolutionary as it was danceable. Their debut album, Cut, remains a benchmark in lady-rock, it's famous topless mud-daubed cover the front for some remarkable tunes.
And the PNB orchestra, led by Stewart Kershaw, did the composer proud in its performance of that splendidly danceable dramatic score at both performances I saw.
The band, consisting of singer Craig Rawding, brothers Charlie and Rick O'Neal on guitar and bass, and drummer Jeff Armstrong, plays a danceable crowd-pleasing blend of Chicago blues, funk, and a bit of country.
As the non-music of punk barged its way on to the pop music scene in 1977, thank goodness there was an alternative out there - the hugely danceable, good-time rhythms of funk as spearheaded by arch-producers Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards of Chic.