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 (mī-tä′kē, -kĕ)
An edible polypore mushroom (Grifola frondosa) native to Japan and North America that produces large clusters of overlapping gray or brown fan-shaped caps, grows at the base of trees or in cultivation, and is prized in Japanese cuisine and used as a dietary supplement. Also called hen of the woods.

[Japanese, dancing mushroom (from the resemblance of the layered, frondlike caps to the long fluttering sleeves of traditional Japanese dancers) : mai-, stem of mau, to dance (from Old Japanese mahu) + take, mushroom (from Old Japanese).]
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Two of the most famous uses of the mushroom are in the video game series Super Mario Bros and the dancing mushroom sequence in the 1940 Disney film Fantasia.
He said: "Why is staring at a small screen for hours playing a game involving colourful dancing mushrooms (for example) a danger tantamount to downing shots of mercury, but staring for hours at a teacher trying to convey the difference between a subordinating conjunction and a preposition is perfectly harmless?
Disney studios would release it annually around the holidays and my parents would take me to the movie very late at night after all the festivities and I was in that bucolic twilight stage where I was nodding off to sleep and saw Walt Disney's dancing mushrooms as I was drifting off into this bliss world.