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Noun1.Dancing school - a school in which students learn to dancedancing school - a school in which students learn to dance
school - an educational institution; "the school was founded in 1900"
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Mrs Kenwigs, too, was quite a lady in her manners, and of a very genteel family, having an uncle who collected a water-rate; besides which distinction, the two eldest of her little girls went twice a week to a dancing school in the neighbourhood, and had flaxen hair, tied with blue ribbons, hanging in luxuriant pigtails down their backs; and wore little white trousers with frills round the ankles--for all of which reasons, and many more equally valid but too numerous to mention, Mrs Kenwigs was considered a very desirable person to know, and was the constant theme of all the gossips in the street, and even three or four doors round the corner at both ends.
My life was getting from bad to worse, but suddenly I found a belly dancing school in Jafa and I bought Egyptian belly dancing tapes of Dina, Fifi Abdu and Mona Saeed," said Meital, who opened her own belly dancing school to teach Israeli girls.
The Holme Valley-based dancing school holds classes in Wooldale and Honley and has been running for five years.
The dancing school was set up around 25 years ago by Philip and Carol Perry, who still teach at the centre at The Boot in Ystrad Mynach.
The St John the Evangelist church hall, which was the headquarters for the dancing school, is now being demolished.
Pupils at the Judith Vardy Dancing School, based in Meadow Street, will be putting their best feet forward during a multi-cultural fund-raiser in the town.
It began as the Beijing Dancing School in 1953, when the four-year-old Chinese Communist government asked the Soviet Union for help in setting up a formal dance institution.
FANS of Britney Spears and Doris Day are in for a treat this weekend as Frankie Flood's dancing school performs its annual show.
I loved to dance and when I was quite young I was offered a place at a dancing school but my mum wouldn't let me go.
YOUNGSTERS from a Coventry dancing school will be entertaining two sell-out audiences this weekend with a medley of performances to famous Disney songs.
Maybe she and her faculty spend time in their waiting room talking with parents and caregivers, educating them to the dancing school culture and building lasting loyalty to their program.