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n. pl. dan·dies
1. A man who affects extreme elegance in clothes and manners; a fop.
2. Something very good or agreeable.
3. Nautical See yawl.
adj. dan·di·er, dan·di·est
1. Suggestive of or attired like a dandy; foppish.
2. Fine; good.

[Perhaps short for jack-a-dandy, fop.]

dan′di·ly adv.
dan′dy·ish adj.
dan′dy·ish·ly adv.
dan′dy·ism n.
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Adv.1.dandily - in a dandy manner; "she had shown her talents dandily"
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Slim Som, the only person you would gauge as being visually trek worthy, was dandily dressed in Page 3 attire of blue jeans, smart sneakers and a white tee.
He is known for his meticulously planned lavish parties, for being dandily dressed, and for his warm nature that makes him quite a social magnet.
The ''king,' Sukarno, always dressed dandily and surrounded himself with beautiful women, from a Japanese geisha who became his wife, Dewi Sukarno, to Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe.