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I wish her dandruff had got up when I mentioned only $50,000.
{dandruff = dander--but while "dander" can mean dandruff as well as temper, the reverse is not true}
I'm going to start a sauerkraut factory and combined dandruff remedy."
He was stoop-shouldered, and Saxon noted the dandruff on the collar of his coat,
What if we told you that ginger also holds the flag in the fight against dandruff? Yes, dandruff.
Aside from seasickness, dandruff is another thing that seafarers have to endure or deal with while at sea.
It is also known as "walking dandruff mite" because you can see it moving about if you look closely.
The resulting product is called 'karna oil' and is thought to be a quality product for treating a wide array of hair related issues such as dandruff and unnecessary shedding.
A Dandruff is a common, but treatable, problem that may require some trial and error to solve.
If the skin is diseased, it can produce more cells than normal and those aren't shed normally-hence dandruff," says Dr.
To treat dandruff, it's important to keep hair clean all the time.
THE most annoying thing about dandruff is that no matter how much you wash your hair, those pesky flakes don't seem to disappear.