dangerous undertaking

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Noun1.dangerous undertaking - a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful)dangerous undertaking - a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful)
project, task, undertaking, labor - any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted; "he prepared for great undertakings"
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If we wish to see King Roquat of the Rocks, we must visit his own country, where he is all powerful, and therefore it will be a dangerous undertaking."
It seemed to me as if you were yourself preparing for some dangerous undertaking, about which I did not dare to question you, since you told me nothing.
Climbing Everest is a dangerous undertaking, which explains why, in the history of mountain climbing, only 4,833 different people have made it to the summit, according to the Himalayan Database.
It prevents them from making a potentially dangerous undertaking manoeuvre.
Ecologists and scholars from the whole region think seismic activity in the area turns operation of the Metsamor NPP into an extremely dangerous undertaking, even in the case of the construction of a new-type reactor.
RADDUL Fasaad, the 'mopping up' phase of Operation Zarb-i-Azb, was always going to be a dangerous undertaking, albeit a necessary one.
So that's approximately 3 million queers whose lives, relationships, homes, jobs, and plans for the future were disrupted or destroyed by the monumental task of caregiving--a difficult and dangerous undertaking for which there is no training, no preparation, and usually very little support.
Like any good cop, Ballard chafes at the idea of handing off her cases, so she pursues the investigation on the down-low, a particularly dangerous undertaking, considering that the lead officer on the nightclub case is none other than the officer who sexually harassed her.
Controlling thoroughbreds during mating is a dangerous undertaking. Padding on hooves and teeth protect the partner animal against kicking and biting, while the human helpers wear helmets and heavy protective vests.
This was a dangerous undertaking for peacekeepers since we were watched closely by both sides and, in many cases, communication between the parties was non-existent.
dangerous undertaking since it will fill in many gaps and break many taboos of Turkish history.
The loading of heavy equipment, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, and a variety of other items is often at least a two person job and if performed without proper precautions, a fairly dangerous undertaking that can result in injury.

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