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1. Involving or filled with danger; perilous.
2. Being able or likely to do harm.

dan′ger·ous·ly adv.
dan′ger·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.dangerousness - the quality of not being safe
characteristic - a distinguishing quality
precariousness - extreme dangerousness
safeness - the quality of being safe
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His barrister Richard Bond said: "He realises he is facing a lengthy, custodial sentence, but I anticipate the sentencing judge will want to consider the issue of dangerousness.
But here is a defendant who, if convicted of robbery, would be liable for consideration under dangerousness provisions.
role overload and the perceived dangerousness of the job
In order of dangerousness, they are: Seventh Avenue and Jefferson Street; River Avenue at River Road; Seventh Avenue and Washington Street; 11th Avenue and Bailey Hill Road; and Coburg Road at Oakway Road.
Bench chairman Pauline Williams said yesterday: "We have read the reports and we have considered very carefully the issue of dangerousness.
The overall aim is to increase safety for women and children while reducing the dangerousness of the situation.
He said: "It is because of the dangerousness but also because society requires retribution.
Proving the unprovable; the role of law, science, and speculation in adjudicating culpability and dangerousness.
However, I applaud the decision of the judge who quite rightly addressed the issue of dangerousness and feel the sentence reflects the gravity of the offence.
Civil commitment does not require dangerousness to others; dangerousness to oneself will do.
The court concluded that denial of bail for the detainees did not violate their due process rights, where the detention was premised upon a judge's probable cause finding and a determination of mental abnormality and dangerousness was made at the outset of confinement.
Ochberg, "Lethal Predators and Future Dangerousness," FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, April 2003, 16-21.