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v. dan·gled, dan·gling, dan·gles
To hang loosely and swing or sway to and fro: Earrings dangled from her ears.
1. To cause to hang loosely or swing: dangled my feet in the water.
2. To offer as an inducement or an enticement: dangled the prospect of a promotion in exchange for his testimony.

[Perhaps from Danish dangle or Swedish dangla.]

dan′gler n.
dan′gly adj.
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adj, danglier or dangliest
dangling; hanging down
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Hung or appearing to be hung from a support:
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IWe were treated to tons of amazing tassels on the spring/ summer catwalks, and now the trend has reached the high street, with everything from dresses to accessories featuring these dangly details.
She said: "I don't care if it's nice Nadiya with a miniwhisk, personality-plus Prue with her dangly sherbet earrings or repeats of Gordon out-effing himself, I do not want to eat my frozen meal-for-one in front of any of them."
Try these Dune loafers, PS80 5 YELLOW FEVER Accessorise your life with these yellow earrings, PS9.99, Stradivarius 6 TOTES AMAZING Perfectly proportioned, this bag is PS30 at Oasis 7 BAG IT UP This raffia tote bag is PS32 at Dorothy Perkins 8 OFF THE CUFF These woven bangles are PS17.99 for the pair at Mango 9 BEADED BEAUTIES These dangly earrings are PS12.50 at Marks & Spencer 10 BELT UP This classy belt is PS10 from Dorothy Perkins
Crafted from acrylic or resin, these dangly, vintage-inspired beauties sit midway along the minimal/maximal fashion spectrum.
For a bit of color contrast, she accessorized with a pair of bright blue and red dangly earrings.
If we weren't meant to enjoy sex wouldn't have given us the dangly bits that get us turned on," she told me.
A woman of a certain age, she wore a sparkly black sleeveless dress, two boas, a long rope of pearls, dangly rhinestone earrings, a rhinestone choker, a jeweled hair clip, armfuls of bracelets, and a loosely pin-curled short wig in an ashy tone not found in nature, much like the one my own bubbe used to wear.
Not content with bringing Grant back, Peggy also managed to summon up the ghost of Pat Butcher, complete with dangly earrings and cigarette in hand.
To add more bling to her outfit, Ariana wore a pair of big white dangly pom pom earrings.
Below the head was a long neck that protruded from a tubular body sporting 10 sets of dangly appendages and seven pairs of spines.
As we wandered the aisles of San Francisco's West Coast Craft show this past December, the booths became a blur of waxed-canvas tote bags and dangly brass earrings and recycled-sail tote bags and stripey clay mugs and, oh, look, reclaimed-denim tote bags ...
Ahead of this year's Pride of Britain awards KEELEY BOLGER catches up with the presenter CAROL VORDERMAN, inset is discussing not having a "dangly thing" between her legs.