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n. pl. da·ni·os
Any of various small, often brightly colored freshwater fishes of the genera Danio and Devario, native to South and Southeast Asia and popular as aquarium fish.

[New Latin Daniō, genus name, from Bengali dhānī, danio, any of various small cyprinid fish, from dhānī, of the rice field, of unhusked rice, very small, from dhān, growing rice, unhusked rice, from Middle Indic dhaṇṇa, from Sanskrit dhānya-, of or from grain, from dhānāḥ, grain; akin to Lithuanian duona, bread, and Tocharian B tāno, seed, grain.]
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n, pl -os
(Animals) any brightly coloured tropical freshwater cyprinid fish of the genus Danio and related genera: popular aquarium fishes
[C19: from New Latin, of obscure origin]
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(ˈdeɪ niˌoʊ)

n., pl. -i•os.
any tropical Asiatic minnow of the genera Danio or Brachydanio.
[1880–85; < New Latin]
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They play well with other GloFish species like Danios, Tetras and Barbs, and get along with other non-fluorescent community fish.
The freshwater fish, known as pygmy glass danios, measure just 10mm when fully grown - that is barely larger than a grain of rice.
After acclimating a total of four fish for each tank (two Zebra Danios and two Leopard Danios), Katie allowed the nitrogen cycle to take its course for four to six weeks.
At the beginning of the experiment, one female Veiltail Betta joined the two Zebra and two Leopard Danios for each aquarium tank.
The Girl wanted to switch off the fish, but I felt that our Zebra Danios and Port Hoplo catfish should not be asked to give up their source of warmth and light for our principles.
In 2003, Glofish[TM], also known as red-fluorescent-protein transgenic zebra danios, became the first transgenic animal sold in U.S.
Transgenic and wildtype zebra danios from two pet stores in northern Texas were held in the laboratory at 20 (3 in well-aerated 76-L glass aquaria containing dechlorinated tap water under a LD 12:12 photoperiod for at least 10 d.
Two rare Sumatran tigers (indigenous to Indonesia but born in captivity) live beside a pool where tinfoil barbs, Bengal danios, and scissortailed rasboras swim.
Zebrafish (Danio rerio), which are being developed as physiologically relevant model organisms for medium throughput assays, are a small tropical fish native to the southeastern Himalayan region of Asia and are routinely maintained and bred in a laboratory setting (Lawrence, 2007; Lawrence and Mason, 2012; Dai et al., 2014).
DarT, 48-h embryo test with the zebrafish Danio rerio; DMSO, dimethyl sulfoxide; dpf, days post-fertilization; EPA, U.S.