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Gray with a mottled pattern of darker gray markings.
A horse having a coat of mottled gray.

[Middle English dappel-grai, probably alteration (influenced by dappled) of *appel-grai, apple-gray, from Old Norse apalgrār : *apall, apple + grār, gray.]


gray with ill-defined mottling of a darker shade.
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Noun1.dapple-gray - grey with a mottled pattern of darker grey markings
gray, grayness, greyness, grey - a neutral achromatic color midway between white and black
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dapple-gray steed, and weareth a golden helmet?' `What I
For this we had an excommunication read against the man, when next we saw our holy father at Avignon; but as we had not his name, and knew nothing of him, save that he rode a dapple-gray roussin, I have feared sometimes that the blight may have settled upon the wrong man."
Behind these came stout King Henry upon a dapple-gray stallion, with his Queen beside him upon a milk-white palfrey.