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A goblet- or hourglass-shaped hand drum having a single drumhead, typically held in the lap or under the arm and widely used in Middle Eastern, Balkan, and North African music. Also called dumbek.

[Ultimately (partly via Turkish darbuka) from Arabic darabukka, dirbakka, perhaps from Syriac 'ardbakkā.]
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Although the Tabla is his expertise, Irfan can play numerous musical instruments, including the guitar and the darbuka.
They include instruments like flute, guitar, drums, keyboard, sitar, ghatam, darbuka, and kanjira.
The sounds of Indian classical and Western classical, traditional and popular, fuse in one harmonious arrangement of flute, guitar, drums, keyboard, sitar, ghatam, darbuka, kanjira in the group's music along with vocal.
Bunyamin Yurtcan's head became wedged in a darbuka drum.
He then gave a demonstration producing sound through darbuka and ghungroo.
Her distinctive and emotional style brought a new interpretation to the medieval Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) song by incorporating more modern sounds of Andalusian flamenco, as well as combining instruments like the darbuka, oud, violin, cello, and piano.
Danziger is a celebrated performer, teacher and composer known for her expertise on the dumbek, or darbuka, the Middle Eastern goblet drum.
Ht Darbuka, a caretaker of the Church said, "This Temple is being constructed by the member's contribution only that is why for the construction, we have put the duration for 20 years.
In recent days, a video of Jaber playing a darbuka and teaching a Hebrew song to her pupils has gone viral around Israel and on social media.
On his guitar or mandole, hewould often play melody, accompanied, in typical instrumentation, by abanjo, a viola, and two different types of drums, a darbuka and anothercalled a bendir.
International artist Sabrine Darbuka performed at the event, followed by local producer DJ Outlaw and Bahraini rapper Flipperachi.
The sensational entertainment lineup is set to include superstar Kuwaiti band Miami as well as international artist Sabrine Darbuka, local producer DJ Outlaw and rapper Flipperachi along with homegrown talented musicians playing during the weekend.