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1. Willing to take or seek out risks; bold and venturesome. See Synonyms at adventurous.
2. Involving great risk or danger: a daring rescue.
Audacious bravery; boldness.

dar′ing·ly adv.
dar′ing·ness n.
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Indeed, Thornton begins the novel as a feeling man whose most notable feature is his intimate relationship with his mother: "The very daringness with which mother and son spoke out unpalatable truths, the one to the other, showed a reliance on the firm centre of each other's souls" (North and South 87).
'Among his major milestones is his daringness in taking on the water subsidies and other initiatives under the IPR,' Rajiv told Malay Mail.
"At the beginning of the piece, we are at the beginning of our lives and there's a sense of exuberance and curiosity, joy and daringness and Crystal demonstrates that choreographically with very virtuosic solos and duets, with a lot of energy and passion.
In other words, profit opportunities are signaled not exclusively by market prices but also by creativity and daringness of entrepreneurial actors who change the relative scarcity in an economic system".
We are seeing some improvement in behavior and declines in traits such as daringness that are more harmful to the young individuals.
With literary modernism, for example, contemporary readers might not know the nineteenth-century conventions being subverted or, just as problematically, might not recognize the original daringness of modernist techniques because of how pervasive they have become.
She has the pinprick precision and delicate touch you might expect from her sprightly build, but also a daringness that makes her shine in choreographer Robert Dekkers' off-kilter movement and origami partnering: She crashed an athletic, sexually charged, all-male trio with gusto in his Yours is Mine, and met the intensity of veteran performer Ricardo Zayas in Reason does not know.
(To those concepts, I would add daringness, experimentation, acceptance of failure, and risk tolerance.)
Antigone's fearless willingness or daringness (tolma) to transgress inherited boundaries is rooted in the desire to reestablish justice.