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1. Willing to take or seek out risks; bold and venturesome. See Synonyms at adventurous.
2. Involving great risk or danger: a daring rescue.
Audacious bravery; boldness.

dar′ing·ly adv.
dar′ing·ness n.
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At the beginning of the piece, we are at the beginning of our lives and there's a sense of exuberance and curiosity, joy and daringness and Crystal demonstrates that choreographically with very virtuosic solos and duets, with a lot of energy and passion.
We are seeing some improvement in behavior and declines in traits such as daringness that are more harmful to the young individuals.
She has the pinprick precision and delicate touch you might expect from her sprightly build, but also a daringness that makes her shine in choreographer Robert Dekkers' off-kilter movement and origami partnering: She crashed an athletic, sexually charged, all-male trio with gusto in his Yours is Mine, and met the intensity of veteran performer Ricardo Zayas in Reason does not know.
Likewise, Thomas Mann compares the experimental daringness of Der Steppenwolf to Joyce's Ulysses and Gide's The Counterfeiters (Vol 11, 52).
To those concepts, I would add daringness, experimentation, acceptance of failure, and risk tolerance.
Antigone's fearless willingness or daringness (tolma) to transgress inherited boundaries is rooted in the desire to reestablish justice.
23) What has not been proposed and what I propose here and will examine is that the daringness of Schwartz's film is concealed within its nuanced portrayal of Tevye.
Lady Gaga, mainly due to her inventiveness and daringness and also our Queen Elizabeth, pictured, as she completely understands what is elegant, clean, simple and what works for HER body.
And fourthly, we consider that it would be very much worthwhile to examine whether certain basic personality traits such as impulsiveness, daringness, minute attention to detail, responsibility, locus of control, etc.
Indeed, the very fuzziness of innovation, which must create growth from an ill-defined alchemy of creativity, experimentation, sheer daringness, and disciplined industrial process, may make the idea of a single best practice--one best way--even more alluring.