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1. A small cooking mold.
2. A dish, as of vegetables, fish, custard, or pastry, that is cooked and served in a small mold.

[Middle English dariol, from Old French dariole, a small, filled pastry, probably alteration of Picard and Walloon *doriole, ultimately from feminine diminutive of doré, a kind of pastry (compare modern Walloon doraie, a kind of attractively browned pastry or flan), from past participle of dorer, to gild, glaze with butter or egg; see dory2.]
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1. (Cookery) Also called: dariole mould a small cup-shaped mould used for making individual sweet or savoury dishes
2. (Cookery) a dish prepared in such a mould
[C14: from Old French]
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2 Prepare the dariole moulds by buttering the inside and coating with demerara sugar, making sure to shake off any excess sugar.
Brush six dariole or pudding moulds evenly with softened butter.
Serves six) the damson filling: damsons, 2tbsp (heaped) sugar the chocolate fondant: unsalted butter, plus extra butter for greasing, cocoa powder, plus extra for 250g dark chocolate (60% solids), broken into pieces, eggs, plus 5 egg yolks, 125g sugar, 100g plain flour Brush six dariole or pudding moulds evenly with softened Place on a baking tray chill the moulds for 10 minutes in the fridge, until the has set.
Pour the panna cotta mixture into a jug and divide between four dariole moulds.
Grease two 150ml dariole moulds, add cocoa powder to one and then transfer to other, turning it as you go until the mould is evenly coated.
TO SERVE: Single cream and brandy butter 1 Grease 4 x 250ml dariole moulds (small pudding moulds) and line the bases with a round of baking paper (this will help prevent sticking).
* Taste syrup and add more sugar if required PRESENTATION * Dip dariole moulds into hot water briefly, turn over and tip pannacotta into bowl.
"He's a very good jockey." There were three withdrawals at the latest forfeit stage for Sunday's Longchamp showpiece in Gerard Butler's Tinaar, the Pascal Bary-trained Dariole and Marsh Side, trained in the USA by Neil Drysdale.
As expected, the US-trained raider Marsh Side was taken out, along with the Gerard Butler-trained Tinaar and Pascal Bary's Dariole. Aidan O'Brien left all seven of his entries in the race but only four are expected to be declared, while Prix du Jockey Club winner Lope De Vega and Marinous, winner of the Grand Prix de Deauville last time, are set to be supplemented at a cost of EUR100,000.
Easy to use and of consistently high quality, the premix is blended with 300g of chocolate shavings, butter and water, then stirred for one minute before placing in dariole moulds and individual pots.
Lightly grease six dariole moulds or ramekins with butter and dust lightly with cocoa.