dark bread

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Noun1.dark bread - bread made with whole wheat flourdark bread - bread made with whole wheat flour  
bread, breadstuff, staff of life - food made from dough of flour or meal and usually raised with yeast or baking powder and then baked
graham bread - bread made of graham (whole wheat) flour
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In the breast of his blouse he carried some coarse dark bread; he ate of this between whiles, and sat munching and drinking near Madame Defarge's counter.
Also included are Russian dark bread and butter, caviar and beet vinaigrette salad.
The other was a herring dish of three types of marinated herring served with eggs and dark bread.
While vegetables were linked to the greatest reduction in the risk of an early menopause (60%), calories from enriched pasta, dark bread and cold cereals were also found to be beneficial.
| LEIB and Resto: Right in the heart of the old town, the name translates as 'bread and rest' and they try to get dark bread into nearly every dish.
Camporesi's early modern literary sources represent the "tension between the castes" in terms of "the fearful contempt of the eaters of white bread towards the eaters of dark bread or those who went without bread altogether" (35).
In Germany and other Central European regions, the flour made from the seeds is used in making dark bread, sonnen blumenbrot (sunflower bread).
Estonian cuisine is known for its reliance on the staples of potatoes, pork, preserved fish, and dark bread. Sauces are made from milk, sour cream, or cottage cheese, and the most common flavor enhancements are salt and pepper, onions, or fresh herbs.
- A Dark Wheat IPA at 21.53 international bitterness units, yeasty, dark bread flavors with ripe fruit.
The glass of curds and blackcurrant jam is rich and generous, filled with thick cream and sticky fruit layered like Tiramisu, topped with whole blueberries, poppy seeds and crumbly dark bread.
We feasted on banitsa (a traditional egg pastry), homemade yogurt, fresh sheep cheese, bean soup and dark bread.