of or pertaining to the illumination of an object by which it is seen, through a microscope, as bright against a dark background.
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Direct examination with dark-field microscopy of specimens from a patient with agammaglobulinemia who had Spiroplasma apis infection, France.
The motile organisms were detected in urine sample by dark-field microscopy is a quick test for detection of leptospirosis infection in dogs at field level and easy to perform in accordance with Brown et al.
Well-known optical methods for image processing can also be deployed in Wi-Fi holography: one example is the dark-field methodology used in microscopy, which improves the recognition of weakly diffracting structures.
Dark-field and bright-field STEM images of a sample synthesized with Ag and heat-treated at 180[degrees]C showed the formation of spherical BCP-precursor composite mesophases with diameters of 40-100 nm (Figures 1(a) and 1(e)).
Random locomotion in dark-field microscopy of single granulocytes from venous blood, tissue and exudate.
This system consists of two technologies, such as bright-field inspection and dark-field inspection.
It is also suited for brightfield, dark-field, live cell imaging, histology and pathology.
For example, one part may require inspection using an overhead light, while another may need an under light, and a third may require a dark-field inspection.
The FDA approved two dark-field HER2 ISH assays (fluorescence ISH) and three bright-field HER2 ISH assays (chromogenic ISH) for assessing HER2 gene status in breast cancer patients.
Among the topics are active dopant profiling in the TEM by off-axis electron holography, dark-field electron holography for strain mapping, magnetic mapping using electron holography, in situ characterization methods in TEM, and preparing specimens for semiconductor analysis.
Each 60s exposure image was dark-field subtracted using the relevant nightly dark-field image, and the magnitude of CQ Cep determined by differential photometry using AstroArt 5.0 and a 10.08 V magnitude comparison star (TYC 3991-1480-1) together with a 10.62 V mag check star (TYC 3991-2054-1).