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Adj.1.dark-grey - of a dark shade of grey
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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When the longitudinal section cross-cut the belemnite rostra along the apical line (Figs 5C-D, 10A-C), a concentric pattern of alternating layers with an overall dark-grey or light-grey color is observed, which is comparable to what was reported under FL, with intensely fluorescent layers being dark grey under BSEM and weakly fluorescent layers being light grey in color.
Towards the external walls of the rostra, the dark-grey triangles become more elongated, creating a micro-fibrous appearance, similar to what was observed under FL (compare Figs.
The concentric growth pattern, although less prominent than in longitudinal sections, appears as layers with an overall dark-grey or light-grey color under BSEM (Fig.
The overall intensely fluorescent and dark-grey concentric layers (Fig.
These are the soils of unique Kungur forest-steppe that are chernozem clayey-illuvial, dark-grey, and grey soils.
It includes three subtypes: light-grey forest, grey-forest, and dark-grey forest soils.
AUe--dark-humus podzolic, 26-40/14; dark-grey, but lighter than AU; wetting; structure is cloddy-plastic; light-clayey, thin-porous, of high thick, sticky; there are worm-holes and coprolite.
BEL--sub-eluvial, 40-58/18 cm; consists of colour combinations: huge pale-yellow stains, dark-grey humus leaks, at the bottom there are ginger-brownish salients; wetting; the structure is cloddy-nuciform; of high density; there is vertical parting; slightly sticky; light-clayey; there are not many roots; the transition to the next horizon is even/flat/level and gradual.
"Kirklees seems so desperate to get this building off the ground that they have jettisoned requirements to use local stone facings, allowing cheap and nasty dark-grey concrete blocks and metal cladding instead.
He was wearing a dark-blue blazer, dark-grey trousers and brown sandals and is known to like visiting coastal areas like Penarth and Llandough.
He wore a brown long-sleeved jumper, dark-grey jacket and light-blue jeans.
He was wearing a dark-grey hooded fleece and a dark-grey scarf around his face.