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v. dark·ened, dark·en·ing, dark·ens
a. To make dark or darker.
b. To give a darker hue to.
2. To fill with sadness; make gloomy.
3. To render vague or uncertain; obscure: The sudden drop in stock prices darkened the future for investors.
4. To tarnish or stain: a scandal that darkened the family's good name.
To become dark or darker.

dark′en·er n.
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'As I remember, before the sleep came on us, thou hadst told me that marriage and bearing were darkeners of the true light, stumbling-blocks upon the Way.
Alongside adverts for Capstan cigarettes and Hindes hair darkener, one for Dettol antiseptic was headlined 'Air Raid Precautions.
Noel Edmonds and his wife Liz And, since Deal or No Deal was taken off the air in 2016, Noel's been out in the showbiz wilderness, with only a bottle of Just For Men beard darkener and a tanktop created via cosmic ordering to keep him warm from the chill.