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or darnd·est  (därn′dĭst)
The most possible: I did my darnedest to finish on time.
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(ˈdɑːndɪst) or


a euphemistic word for damnedest
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One episode features the click-bait tease, "Was the moon landing a fake?" Of course, this has been a standard conspiracy theory trope since, well, men first landed on the moon, and the Conspiracies episode does its darnedest to sow confusion and doubt about the very elaborate, expensive and meticulously planned moon mission known as Apollo 11.
But Malhotra and Siddiqui, who played a charming supporting role in "The Lunchbox," do their darnedest to make the silly proposition plausible by doing as close to nothing as possible.
Ivo Graham is making lots of big life choices, and doing his darnedest to feel as positive about them as possible, rather than just feeling scared.
Nevertheless, apparently oblivious to the concept of large proportions, a dangerously large proportion of legislators and executive councilors are trying their darnedest to spend a sinfully large proportion of taxpayer money on commuter rail, which is--and would remain--insignificant.
"We tried our darnedest to find someone to embrace its history," said listing agent Meredith Howell of the Coldwell Banker Burnet Wayzata office, who led the effort for several years.
In Susannas Secret (last seen here way back in 1973, when the Sarasota Opera was still the Asolo Opera), the heroine's husband smells tobacco on her clothes and tries his darnedest to catch her in an act of infidelity.
On a longer runway, or if the airplane exhibited damage, I would have done my darnedest to get stopped.
That age-old business does seem ripe for disruption in some ways, and companies like Helios and Matheson Analytics' ((https://www.fool.com/quote/nasdaq/helios-and-matheson-analytics/hmny) NASDAQ:HMNY ) majority-owned MoviePass are trying their darnedest to shake things up.
Now I don't really know how accurate this is, but, after taking into consideration a number of factors, like personal problems at the moment plus other excess baggage, I would say that I'm willing to try my darnedest best to understand why that senorita at the grocery is shouting at her maid.
And isn't that all just the darnedest? That one of the biggest, brightest, loveliest, most unbelievably momentous things in my life - in ANY life so blessed, for that matter - is, in the bigger scheme of things, not much of a big 'thing' at all?
Bodacious Jezebel tries her darnedest to be sweet and accommodating, but her true nature never fails to reveal its ugly self.