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or darnd·est  (därn′dĭst)
The most possible: I did my darnedest to finish on time.


(ˈdɑːndɪst) or


a euphemistic word for damnedest
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In every issue of SUCCESS, we do our darnedest to include compelling content beginning to end.
The darnedest thing is, nobody wants to move away from this area.
How kids learn to say the darnedest things; The effects of multiple exemplar instruction on novel verb usage.
There's nothing funnier than adults saying and doing the darnedest things and I found a lot of humor in the Sept.
We've tried our darnedest to make it as easy as possible to understand.
People believe the darnedest things--despite doubts, common sense and even evidence to the contrary.
did her darnedest to make histrionics work similarly for her.
While the film does it's darnedest to get your tearducts going, you can leave your hankies at home.
What's more, these tired folk seem to crop up in the darnedest places.
As much as I tried my darnedest not to let it, of course, it still managed to sneak its way into my November, mostly in the form of snotty sobbing at the John Lewis advert and having to arrange social gatherings because otherwise everyone will be booked up and I will be Norma No Mates.
In tiny Magazine a decade later, Fleck carved out his own "Lil' Bit A Heaven," a nine-hole course that he tried his darnedest to maintain and keep open, even though Mother Nature wasn't always willing.