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1. One that darns.
2. Northeastern, Upper Northern, & Western US See dragonfly.

[From its resemblance to a darner, darning needle.]
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Noun1.darner - a person who mends by darning
mender, repairer, fixer - a skilled worker who mends or repairs things


(= needle)Stopfnadel f
(= darning egg)Stopfei nt; (= darning mushroom)Stopfpilz m
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According to Bursuck and Darner (2011), reading comprehension is the active process of obtaining meaning from written text.
Stacey's success is not only a testament to her talent, but as a dyslexic writer, her perseverance is an inspiration to all of us at Green Darner Press," said Kari Hock, the book's publisher.
Anne Seymour Darner was England's groundbreaking first female sculptor.
In the Capanda Cacuso Agro-Industral Hub, Biocom is a partnership between the state, through the National Agency for Private Investment (ANIP), Sonangol Holding, Angolan group Darner and Brazil's Odebrecht.
Various local species, along with their cousins, the damselflies, have telling names like ebony jewel-wing, amber-winged spreadwing, red damsel, red bluet, orange bluet, violet dancer, spotted blue darner, sand dragon, calico pennant, blue pirate, green jacket, ruby meadowfly, goldenwing, and red saddlebag.
Darner trumps popular opinion with truth from the Word of God
Hutchinson had accepted a draft of Borstal Boy for publication in January 1957 and before An Giall premiered at An Darner theatre, on Bloomsday 1958, its author had travelled to Paris to discuss The Quare Fellow's production there.
Reading fluency is defined as the ability to read connected text with speed, accuracy, and proper expression (Bursuck & Darner, 2011).
To his surprise, Bob thoroughly enjoyed watching that close game with a Notre Darner at his side.