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1. One that darns.
2. Northeastern, Upper Northern, & Western US See dragonfly.

[From its resemblance to a darner, darning needle.]
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Noun1.darner - a person who mends by darning
mender, repairer, fixer - a skilled worker who mends or repairs things


(= needle)Stopfnadel f
(= darning egg)Stopfei nt; (= darning mushroom)Stopfpilz m
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The Director of the AyA National Water Laboratory, Darner Mora, recalled that, "the Eco Diplomatic category, started in 2016, and seeks to encourage the formation of local committees, which are integrated by diplomatic representatives in Embassies and Consulates of Costa Rica, as well as diplomatic offices accredited in Costa Rica to carry out hygienic-sanitary actions and to save water, paper, fossil fuels and electricity.
The direction of agricultural locality Darner about radio Indicative Programme "great promise" River Nile State, Sudan.
There was an interesting intertwining of the new rules this year, as Team Let's Go captained by Rob Darner, of Ponte Vedra, had two beefy kings on day one in the single engine division.
Two species--the common green darner and black saddlebags--had not been there the day before.
I think this type of development is just part of a much, much larger movement in the culture at large," says Jeremy Darner, MAI, a director for Cushman & Wakefield's agribusiness, natural resources and energy practice group in San Diego.
peer support), social skills rehearsal, self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation enhancement, and universality (Clark, Severy, & Sawyer, 2004; Darner et ah, 2010; Dennis, Phinney, & Chuateco, 2005; Fitch, Marshall, & McCarthy, 2012; Mattanah et ah, 2010; Waldo, Kerne, & Kerne, 2007; Yalom, 2005).
Darner (2009) contends that today's research literature is not uniform in its understanding of the factors that predict the success of programs to promote PEBs.
According to Bursuck and Darner (2011), reading comprehension is the active process of obtaining meaning from written text.
Stacey's success is not only a testament to her talent, but as a dyslexic writer, her perseverance is an inspiration to all of us at Green Darner Press," said Kari Hock, the book's publisher.
Anne Seymour Darner was England's groundbreaking first female sculptor.