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Noun1.dart player - someone who plays the game of dartsdart player - someone who plays the game of darts
player, participant - a person who participates in or is skilled at some game
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Tab The Jovial Geordie Hunter, from Darts North East, said: "Just like to say I have known Phil for over twenty five years and he was a gentleman and a great dart player.
As a dart player, it's not so much the drinking and the smoking but the fact you are away from home, weekend after weekend, living out of a suitcase.
Former BDO World Champion Anastasia Dobromyslova said: "Every ladies' dart player should enter.
"We've both won the Dutch Open and the British Open at the same time, so she knows I'm a proper dart player. I know the world will be watching if I get to play her but, whoever I play, it's down to me.
I suppose living with a dart player is a bit like being a footballers' wife - but without the glamour!
He later discovered the bartender was a former champion dart player in England.
"Every dart player in the country wanted to do something whether they sent a set of darts or a shirt and there was some sort of memorabilia from Eric Bristow, Bob Anderson, all the real big players.
TWO Shepshed dart players are aiming to break the Guinness World Record for the longest single darts match and raise PS5,000 for charity in the process.
Nadeem Sarwar said on Monday that young male and female wushu and dart players put up impressive performance in the event organized under the aegis of Sports Board Punjab (SBP).