dash down

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Verb1.dash down - write down hastily; "She dashed off a letter to her lawyer"
set down, write down, get down, put down - put down in writing; of texts, musical compositions, etc.
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But little Denmark must take care what it is about, and not run counter to the moon; that great realm, that might in an ill-humor bestir itself, and dash down a hail-storm in our faces, or force the Baltic to overflow the sides of its gigantic basin.
So it happened, when the posses had begun to penetrate the mountain, and when the man was compelled to make a daylight dash down into the Valley of the Moon to cross over to the mountain fastnesses that lay between it and Napa Valley, that Harley Kennan rode out on the hot-blooded colt he was training.
Audley seemed at first to hesitate about whether it was gentlemanly to be in such a hurry about anything; but, seeing the duke dash down the stairs with youthful energy, he followed with a more mature motion.
The 3-year-old gelding, ridden by Gary Carrol in the colours of Alfred Sweetnam, was quickly away to sit in third in this dash down the straight that was led by seasoned campaigner Gordon Lord Byron (Bryon).
The fish played normally for 10 minutes, then the fun began when it made a 100-yard dash down the pool with Bob on the bank running after it.
"It is the first time and I think the last time, I am still tired," Koeman said when asked about his uncharacteristic dash down the touchline.
A JEALOUS thug headbutted his girlfriend on a "make-or-break" trip to Blackpool - before leading police on a 105mph dash down the M6.
Although Palmer pegged back a penalty early in the second half, Otley seemed in control as Depledge snapped up his second and Nazir Karim unleashed a 75m dash down the wing to put them 12 points clear.
Sinfield missed both conversions but it mattered little as the home side made sure of the two competition points 12 minutes from time through Briscoe's thrilling 60-metre dash down the right wing.
The Welsh levelled with a longrange effort where Lee Goddard made a dash down the line to put a try on a plate for Chris Speck.
One young employee saw his chance to stealthily sneak out and took it, thinking he might dash down the block and call the police.