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dash 1

v. dashed, dash·ing, dash·es
1. To move with haste; rush: dashed into the room; dashed down the hall.
2. To strike violently; smash: waves dashing on the rocks.
a. To break or smash by striking violently: The ship was dashed upon the rocks.
b. To hurl, knock, or thrust with sudden violence: dashed the cup against the wall.
c. To remove by striking or wiping: dash tears from one's face.
2. To splash; bespatter: dash water on one's face.
a. To write hastily. Often used with off: dashed off a note to the dean.
b. To drink hastily. Often used with down: dashed down a glass of milk.
a. To add an enlivening or altering element to: a speech dashed with humor.
b. To affect by adding another element or ingredient to: ice cream that was dashed with rum.
a. To destroy or wreck: Our hopes were dashed by the news. See Synonyms at blast.
b. To discourage or dispirit: "This discouraging information a little dashed the child" (Charles Dickens).
1. A swift, violent blow or stroke: knocked the books to the floor with an impatient dash of his hand.
a. A splash: threw a dash of water on my face.
b. A small amount of an added ingredient: a dash of sherry.
3. A quick stroke, as with a pencil or brush.
4. A sudden movement; a rush: made a dash for the exit.
5. Sports A footrace, usually less than a quarter-mile long, run at top speed from the outset.
6. A spirited quality in action or style; verve. See Synonyms at vigor.
7. Either of two symbols, an emdash or an endash, used in writing and in printing.
8. In Morse and similar codes, the long sound or signal used in combination with the dot and silent intervals to represent letters or numbers.
9. A dashboard.

[Middle English dashen, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Danish daske, to beat.]

dash 2

tr.v. dashed, dash·ing, dash·es
To damn.

[Alteration of damn.]
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adj, adv
a euphemistic form of damned2
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Adj.1.dashed - having gaps or spaces; "sign on the dotted line"
broken - not continuous in space, time, or sequence or varying abruptly; "broken lines of defense"; "a broken cable transmission"; "broken sleep"; "tear off the stub above the broken line"; "a broken note"; "broken sobs"
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"All right!" answered the Saw-Horse, gruffly, and dashed away so suddenly that Tip had to gasp for breath and hold firmly to the post he had driven into the creature's neck.
She dashed at it exactly as she dashed at it in the back drawing-room at Rosemary Lane.
"In ten minutes," said the doctor to himself, "our car will be dashed against those rocks unless we succeed in passing them!"
Among the fallen rocks the breakers spouted and bellowed; loud reverberations, heavy sprays flying and falling, succeeded one another from second to second; and I saw myself, if I ventured nearer, dashed to death upon the rough shore or spending my strength in vain to scale the beetling crags.