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1. One that dashes, especially the plunger of an ice-cream freezer.
2. Sports The ledge along the top of the boards of an ice rink.
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1. someone or something that dashes
2. (Hockey (Field & Ice)) Canadian the ledge along the top of the boards of an ice hockey rink
3. (Mechanical Engineering) the plunger in a churn, often with paddles attached
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(ˈdæʃ ər)

1. a person or thing that dashes.
2. a plunger with paddles at one end, as for churning butter or ice cream.
3. a person of dashing appearance or manner.
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"Now, by the five corners of my beard!" shouted the Pharisee, who belonged to the sect called The Dashers (that little knot of saints whose manner of dashing and lacerating the feet against the pavement was long a thorn and a reproach to less zealous devotees-a stumbling-block to less gifted perambulators)--"by the five corners of that beard which, as a priest, I am forbidden to shave !-have we lived to see the day when a blaspheming and idolatrous upstart of Rome shall accuse us of appropriating to the appetites of the flesh the most holy and consecrated elements?
ENPNewswire-July 31, 2019--PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE - Rex Dasher drives the Porsche Mission E; Taycan example becomes a secret agent car
Veronica Dasher, Manager of Community Outreach & Development for Rochester Gas and Electric Corp., enjoys guiding co-workers as they strive to advance in the company.
A Clement Moore poem introduced eight more reindeer for Santa's sleigh - Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Duner and Blixem (for the German words for thunder and lightning) and which later evolved into Donner and Blitzen.
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She would put a dasher and add the lid with the hole in the top.
21 September 2018 - Canada-based dasher sports infrastructure company Athletica Sport Systems Inc.
The plaintiff doctors, James Dasher and Thomas Walsh, have accused Cornerstone of financial mismanagement and retaliating against them, financially and otherwise, for questioning the direction that Cornerstone was headed in before they left and joined another practice.
One of the women who had left the Stirling area to help with the war effort was Miss Mary Baird Dasher, who had links to Kippen and was working as a nurse at Nottingham Hospital.The Observer said it was always nice for soldiers back from the trenches to hear a"homely accent".
That means he's required to notify the authorities if Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Rudolph and the rest develop foot and mouth or bluetongue.
Registration is open from 9am at the pier (dash starts at 11am prompt) and every dasher gets a Santa suit and medal for entering.
Dasher bounded under the gentle sunlight of a sleepy Saturday morning.