data bank

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data bank

or da·ta·bank  (dā′tə-băngk′, dăt′ə-)
1. See database.
2. An organization chiefly concerned with building, maintaining, and using a database.

data bank

1. (Communications & Information) a store of a large amount of information, esp in a form that can be handled by a computer


or da′ta base`,

a collection of organized, related data, esp. one in electronic form that can be accessed and manipulated by specialized computer software.
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The data bank would be linked with other national and international agencies including World Food Programme, World Health Organization, Planning Commission, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan Agriculture Research Council and Meteorological Department.
All district officers have also been directed to get the latest photographs of game licence-holders for inclusion in the data bank so that no one could misuse someone else' licence.
The recently launched Humanitarian Logistics Data Bank will avoid the duplication of aid resources and help relief agencies save money, an expert said.
Officials from the United Nations and other world relief agencies were on hand to watch the signing of the letter of intent to form the new logistics data bank.
'With the Philippine Business Data Bank, government agencies can readily access data on a particular business, eliminating the need for business owners to bring numerous documentary requirements when transacting with the government,' Beltran explained.
The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) will hold a live demonstration on Philippine Business Data Bank to local government units next week.
Because NPDB information can affect a practitioner's reputation and livelihood, the integrity of the data bank's information has been of great concern.
Implemented with the support of the World Bank, the Social Security programme, with a budget worth 10 million dinars, consists of three phases: the creation of a data bank on poor and low-income families and the vulnerable categories to be carried out by 1,400 social workers over 264 delegations, the classification and finally the grant to be made before 2018.
" An Interior Ministry statement said, "The return of these families came after the completion of all legal procedures, specialized with checking names returning to these areas, according to the data bank that located in Anbar province police headquarters and the Commission, which was formed in order to check the names of returning to those areas," ./ end
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Customs Administration says Iran's biggest foreign trade data bank has been operational in the 11th government.
Both types went up in 2014, but the category of "other"--reports related to unknown settings and those from a combination of the two--dropped in 2014 to keep the overall number from going up again, data from the National Practitioner Data Bank show.

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