parity checking

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par´i`ty check`ing

n.1.(Computers) The process of performing a parity check.
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Global Banking News-November 23, 2017--Hana Bank to be probed for data error
With sophisticated technology the norm in the business world today, e-filing (which can be done up to, and including, midnight of a return's extended due date) provides a secure way for a taxpayer to satisfy its annual filing obligation, while reducing the return's data error rate significantly.
It is almost impossible to overstate the extent or the seriousness of data error in spreadsheets and databases.
The device successfully transmits 10 Gbit/s of data error free over 20 metres of InfiniBand 4X cabling.
Stevenson added, "Karjeni's flagship solution, dPipe, delivers high levels of technical data management automation through sophisticated data transformation workflow management and smart data error handling.
Providing an element of straight-through processing to the compliance monitoring process eliminates integration, maintenance and integrity issues that can result when working with multiple data sets, and also delivers an efficient solution for addressing the challenges that manually intensive processing and high data error rates can present.
Honeywell announced today that it has introduced new RadLo low alpha plating anodes based on proprietary technology to help reduce alpha particle radiation that can lead to data errors in semiconductors.
When engaging both business users and IT in the activity of determining data value, remediating data errors and establishing solid processes around data quality through the use of automation, a number of key milestones are achieved:
It is estimated that wholly avoidable costs from failing to address data errors and validate data on migration could cost the Eurozone up to e1/420bn.
She said work was being done to correct data errors.
ETI Data Cleanser is designed to tackle the random nature of many data errors.

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