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Cycle Decomposition CycleDecompse(D, n) \\D: the set of data items to be used to generate the { adaptive cycle for j = 1 to n \\m : the number of items included in D for p = ((j - 1) * (m / n) + 1) to ((j * m / n)) \\[d.sub.p] : the data item with sequence number 'p' in D D[D.sub.j] = D[D.sub.j] + [d.sub.p]; \\n : the number of sub-cycles desired endfor \\D[D.sub.j] : the jth division of D endfor } 5.
In the database, each data item has an "owner" property, and the access permission may be granted to three classes of users: the item owner, the group that the owner belongs, and to all users.
(4) Compute the keyed-hash message authentication code (HMAC) [6, 20] of each data item in numericalize prefixes using key g, which is shared by all nodes and the sink.
The experiment acquires the total data length, the longest data item length, the shortest data item length, and the running time.
As a rule, initial data and final results are stored in conventional memories and each data item is kept at the relevant address of the memory.
As soon as a new data item arrives from the input (i.e.
(1) Controller c has function [a.sub.1] which directly receives data item d from SDN network and passes it to a as input of function a (in Figure 4(a)) or a receives return value d of [a.sub.1] as input (in Figure 4(b)).
TEHRAN (FNA)- Information extraction-or automatically classifying data items stored as plain text-is thus a major topic of artificial-intelligence research.
Therefore, sorting data records from hottest to coldest can make it convenient to determine the broadcast frequency of each data item.
Based on this model, a data item selection mechanism for PRoPHET is devised in this paper.
"What we do is turn each data item into a bean which is in effect the storage address for that data item.

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