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date 1

a. The time stated in terms of the day, month, and year: What is the date of your birth?
b. A statement of calendar time, as on a document.
a. A particular point or period of time at which something happened or existed, or is expected to happen: the date of their wedding.
b. dates The years of someone's birth and death: Beethoven's dates were 1770 to 1827.
3. The time during which something lasts; duration: "Summer's lease hath all too short a date" (Shakespeare).
4. The time or historical period to which something belongs: artifacts of a later date.
5. An appointment: a luncheon date with a client. See Synonyms at engagement.
a. An engagement to go out socially with another person, often out of romantic interest.
b. One's companion on such an outing.
7. An engagement for a performance: has four singing dates this month.
v. dat·ed, dat·ing, dates
1. To mark or supply with a date: date a letter.
2. To determine the date of: date a fossil.
3. To betray the age of: Pictures of old cars date the book.
4. To go on a date or dates with.
1. To have origin in a particular time in the past: This statue dates from 500 bc.
2. To become old-fashioned.
3. To go on dates.
out of date
No longer in style; old-fashioned: clothes that went out of date last year.
to date
Until now: To date, only half of those invited have responded.
up to date
In or into accordance with current information, styles, or technology: brought me up to date on the project's status.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin data, from Latin data (Romae), issued (at Rome) (on a certain day), feminine past participle of dare, to give; see dō- in Indo-European roots.]

dat′a·ble, date′a·ble adj.
dat′er n.

date 2

1. The sweet, edible, oblong or oval fruit of the date palm, containing a narrow, hard seed.
2. A date palm.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Old Provençal datil, from Latin dactylus, from Greek daktulos, finger, date (from its shape).]
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Adj.1.datable - that can be given a date; "a concrete and datable happening"- C.W.Shumaker
undatable - not capable of being given a date
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[ˈdeɪtəbl] ADJdatable, fechable (to en)
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A New Era of Investor Relations is Here: Datable and TCI Ink Multi-Year Deal to Launch Investor Rewards Platform
His earliest surviving datable work is a view of Piazza del Popolo marked '1680'.
The information recorded is of particular importance because it gives the names of men and in some instances their rank and military units, while one datable inscription referring to the consulate of Aper and Maximus offers proof of rebuilding and repair work to the Roman frontier in 207AD, a period when Hadrian's Wall was undergoing a major repair and renewal programme.
All but three of the full corpus of documents found are datable to the seventh century and most of these to the post-canonical period after 649 through the earliest years of the Late Babylonian period at the end of the seventh century, as evidenced by four locally written tablets composed in Assyrian dated years 2 and 5 Nebuchadrezzar II.
Before then, the earliest datable and traceable blues could be ironic, sometimes humorous, and often dramatic, instead of therapeutic.
The non-taxpayer can transfer some personal allowance to the taxpayer, and is worth PS238 this year and back datable for three years.
Editors Maximilian Diesenberger, Rob Meens, and Els Rose contextualize the rarity of any 'liturgical manuscript of the early Middle Ages [...] with such precisely datable information' (p.
Probably datable to the 1130s (or 1140s), this psalter was apparently made not as a choir book for the liturgy of the divine office, but for personal devotional use, possibly for the female hermit Christina of Markyate, or for her patron (Abbot Geoffrey of St Albans).
Chapter one, "Modern Fashion and Comparative Contemporaneity," tackles datable fashions by juxtaposing Anna Letitia Barbauld's historical nuance in verse and prose with illustrations that linked fashion to specific years (from 1745 onwards) and to Walter Scott's Waverley (its highland dress, white waistcoats, and misdating).
The Bodleian Library in Oxford maintains an inventory of "dated and datable pins" removed from manuscripts going as far back as 1617.
1 [2016]: 45) the Music Department of the German Historical Institute in Rome (DHI) has completed the digitisation of approximately 180 full opera scores and several dozens of single aria fascicles from the Roman and Neapolitan region, datable from 1760 to 1830.