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1. Marked with or displaying a date.
2. Old-fashioned; out-of-date.

dat′ed·ly adv.
dat′ed·ness n.


1. the state of being old-fashioned
2. the state of being too old
3. the state of being labelled with a date
4. the state of being incongruous with current times
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Similarly, the datedness of the information resources as well as the environmental condition of the libraries (climate, temperature, light, noise and security) limit students from the use of information resources therein least the modeling of the use for it (Doraswamy, 2012).
The author covers the identification of weeds within a collection; the weeding process; the various responsibilities of library staff before, during, and after weeding the collection; how to determine datedness in various types of materials; creating a plan to weed the collection, and a wide variety of other interrelated subjects.
In contrast to the contemporary feel of Breitz's own footage, The Brood's Farrah Fawcett hairdos and wood-paneled, earth-toned rooms add their own kind of horror--the grotesquery of datedness.
97) argues that curriculum in Pakistani educational system is characterized by non-relevance with real life out datedness fixity and lack of regular revision.
The datedness of Spivak's project is not as scandalous as it appears, however.
At a later point in the weeding process, secondary assessments based on datedness resulted in the eventual withdrawal of many computer science titles.
The opening piece, "Narnia and the Seven Deadly Sins," is the weakest in the collection, and displays the datedness that affects other parts of the book as well.
Given its topic, hefty 400-page length, and susceptibility to datedness, it might not fit on everyone's 5-foot professional shelf; however, it certainly shoves aside old YA textbooks for its quality as well as its currency.
Grossman argues that the deliberate datedness of using the stagecoach transport network was not designed to evoke fond memories of a past age but to emphasise the rapid passing of time and the progress of technological change.
2003), the second section of the questionnaire explored whether the following factors impeded teachers accessing research: the availability of research articles, quality of research, complexity of language of articles, consistency of results across articles, the-lack of practical implications indicated in articles, the pertinence of topics, the datedness of the publications and their transferability to the practical context.
Given the datedness and dearth of research and evaluation on professional development of interpretive naturalists, this study seeks relative ratings of the importance of skills and certifications associated with becoming an interpretive naturalist as perceived by professional interpreters who hire them.